Engaging your employees every day

🎯️ Keep your people.

Your people start their job with a sense of purpose and belonging. Emplified helps you to maintain and retain them.

An employee engagement platform that helps knowledge workers and their managers with insight into their needs and satisfaction.

🤔️ How do we do it?

In the time it takes to drink a cup of ☕️ coffee (or 🍵️ tea, or 🍺️ whatever), we ask a series of non-invasive, inviting, and conversational questions to your 📱️ mobile device, or 💻️ computer.

It’s adaptive, which means it’s custom tailored to you based on your responses. Think of it like the old-school 📚️ “Choose Your Own Adventure” books.

The insights we gather are real-time, secure, and personal to you. Your information is anonymized (and again super secure) for overall reporting for your team, department, company, or what have you.

✉️ Reach out if you’re nice!

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