Jerome Fitzgerald

A well-rounded human being.

Why, hello, there.

Co-founder & CTO of , Comedian (Improv & Sketch),gallivant with a Nice Group of People, and doting husband to Sarah.

Co-Founder & CTO of Emplified

Emplified was built to help organizations, that truly put their people first, understand what drives their employees so they can get the best out of them. Throughout my career I've worked with wonderful people and being able to help people find meaning in their professional careers on a daily basis to do what they are great at is an absolute joy.


Improv and Sketch Comedy live on-stage year-round. I've featured in many theaters around Pittsburgh as well as having performed in Chicago, Detroit, New York City, and more.

Nice Group of People

Creative Collective that makes and does nice things like comedy, design, and development.


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